Web App Development

Web Application Development

Research and Development

Our team familiarises with your business in order to built a robust plan. This helps to avoid risks throughout the entire development process.

  • Verify your desired concept.
  • Choose most suitable technology.
  • Optimise resources.
  • Avoid possible risks.

Back-End Development

Our team digs under the hood and builds the core of your application. We use clean code and best practices in order to built efficiently working application which meets your needs.

  • Build a concrete architecture of the application.
  • Ensure flexibility in order to incorporate third party services.
  • Ensure robust security of your application.

Front-End Development

Our team tries to transmit your vision into a aesthetic, pleasing user friendly design. Without corrupting performance or simplicity of the web application.

  • Transfer your vision to web.
  • Ensure accurate and smooth UI.
  • Ensure satisfactory and pleasant user experience.


From the projects infancy till it’s launch, we are actively promoting communication. We believe that a good communication between the client and us is the key in smooth, delay free development and eventual launch.

  • Ensuring smooth development towards the product you expect.
  • Avoiding delays.
  • Ensuring we are on a right track.
  • Keeping the development process transparent, by constantly updating you.

Our Process


We develop the application following the required specifications defined by the customer in the “Planning” phase.



If the Site/App is green lighted after testing, it is delivered to the customer, launched and ready to use.


What we Offer

Business flow analisys

Functional specifications

Custom application in relation with client needs

On site implementation

Data migration

Training sessions

User manuals

Post ``GoLive`` support

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