Visual identity

Visual identity is something customers envision when they think about your brand, or even about the product or service your business provides. Having a mental picture of your business brand inscribed into peoples minds is essential in making your company stand out. A distinct logo, which best represents your brand is essential for growing your business. Having said that, visual identity is not only your logo, it’s much more than that, it encompasses all visual inputs that can be associated with a brand e.g webpage, advertisement and a colour scheme with which your company will be associated.

Visually aesthetic composition of smartphone, notebook, mug and pen.

Make Your Business stand out

nutCoder will research the current market and competition in order to find the strong points of your business, which will allow to make your brand distinct and compliant with your vision.


First of all we check the competition in order to avoid similarities between your business and competitors. Then we present our plan and strategy. It includes boosting your visibility in searches, by optimising your website’s keyword communication with the search engines. Our ultimate goal is to reach more people and increase the traffic of your webpage.

A guy sitting in front of a laptop, working on new logo.

Team work, noting down new ideas.


Our goal is to create a visually pleasing aesthetic design which will set the tone for your company’s branding. We will create a theme which complies with the content and is easy to navigate. In addition, we will design a logo, that represents your business, that is distinct and makes your business easy to remember.


Instead of rushing head first, we have a process which we would like to share with you. It’s important that our clients would know, how our process starts and finishes by implementation.

CLIENT requirements

Before we proceed we are setting the base requirements of the client; colors, font-faces, symbols, display places

MARKET analisys

To avoid similarities with other businesses we rigorously check the existing brands which act on the same market

DESIGN phase

In this step the team gathers for a brainstorming and puts all the concepts on the paper to choose the best of them

SOLUTION implementing

Once the client chooses the design which suits him best, we start designing the stationery, and the other requested to-be-branded elements

Lets Start your project

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.