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nutCoder is a company that focuses on conveying the vision of small businesses as well as possible. We employ the latest techniques and incorporate new technologies in reaching the desired results. We are constantly researching and testing current innovations in order to incorporate them into our projects. Our work, allows small businesses to obtain a better overall web presence and wider clientele reach. 



Our company philosophy is simplicity. We aim to create simple, minimalistic designs which are easy to find and read. We aim to develop appealing, responsive designs, that embody the ideas of our customers the best.



Our mission is to provide a great experience while producing a top quality product. We listen intently to what our customers want, revise our work, and receive critique attentively. We offer our expertise even after the project goes live. We hope, that our work provides the tools for small business to reach their desired goals.

Designing a new web project.


We are a small, friendly and highly motivated team. We love starting new projects and transforming the ideas presented, into webpages or applications.  We are highly enthusiastic about what we do and we are eager to help everyone who wants their own place on the web. We believe that communication is the key in realizing our customer’s ideas the best. We tend to have interactive communication and revision process throughout the project’s development. We aim for the highest quality day in and day out.

Alexandra MIHAI

Alexandra MIHAI

Co Founder / CEO


Co Founder / Product Manager


Technologies Manager

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